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So it’s a super-fun day at your local beach break, and everyone is out. Tons of guys are ripping, and the surf is pumping enough so that you can easily separate the shredders from the average bros. While your paddling back out from the inside, a your eyes catch this guy with a stickered-up board paddling out to the same peak you are. He gives a friendly nod, then proceeds to sit about five yards deeper than you thought was possible on this day. A big set rolls through, and — of course — he’s in the perfect spot. You roll over the back as the wave passes only to see a blur of board, fins and spray that looks like it was shot from a firehose. Next up is a full-rotation 360 air, then you realize this guy is on an entirely different level than even the best guys you were sharing the peak with.

LUCAS ROGERS is that guy; and the above is a true account of a session at Sandbridge S-Turns which he dominated with his ability get vertical where most bail and to boost seriously huge punts.

We recently caught up with Lucas about his recent submission in INNERSECTION, Taylor Steele’s freesurfing platform where pros and bros alike vie for spots in his upcoming film project. Lucas’ section has been turning heads since it dropped, but he needs YOUR support to put him over the top and into the film.

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Check out the interview and enjoy!

Rick Leopold photo

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Ahhh, finally some shred content! We want to take this time to introduce and thank Most Excellent video/photo contributor RICK LEOPOLD at (click) JUICE BOX SURF (brand new VB shop on 16th and Pacific, SUPPORT!) for feeding us with these killer photos. He’ll be on the front lines for M.E. documenting swell after swell so stay glued to the site for some premium quality photography and ripping from his Juice Box team riders, VB local rippers, stoked groms and whoever else wanders into his frame.

Volume 1 features ECSC pro men’s champion, Florida’s JEREMY JOHNSTON absolutely destroying the windswell/Danielle swell combo during ECSC week. Jeremy brings a potent blend of power gouges and fully-extended airs and had both on full display throughout the week both with the jersey on and off.

A mess of photos are below the page break. Enjoy. — M.E.

J.J. flaring it out on the inside

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Ginny Cohen at Surfer’s Healing forwarded us these two awesome videos (safe to say she has our amateur filming and editing beat!) yesterday. Check them out! The first is from the big camp in August that we previously covered and the other is from a Guardian Angels VB camp which ran in July. Really inspirational stuff. These rad kids remind us to never take the thrill of riding waves for granted. Thanks again to the Surfer’s Healing community for stopping by yesterday to check us out! Click the page break below to peep the vids and photos.

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Check out this short, two-part documentary from Kevin Hicks. For those of us who love visiting, surfing and fishing the Outer Banks — particularly Hatteras Island — this video will surely open your eyes to some unnerving developments involving the National Park Service, several environmental groups and the hard-working people who make a living on the barrier island. Open your mind, check it out and spread the word — M.E. Read the rest of this entry »

As Catagory 3 Earl nears towards us we just want to say first and foremost that we hope everyone gets through unscathed.  We are in for a wild next couple of days with systems lined up all the way through the Atlantic as Earl is followed by Fiona and Tropical Depression 9.  That said, the forecast for the next few days looks truly epic if it stays manageable.  The winds even look slightly reasonable for a decent portion of the next few days.  We’ll see you in the water!


As Cody and I approached Fifth Street on our beach cruisers, the massive assembly of canopies, flags and people on the beach told us that we were in the right place. We’d come to check out the seventh annual Surfer’s Healing Virginia Beach Surf Camp, where about 200 children with autism were experienced the thrill of riding waves.

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Welcome to Most Excellent; your go to site for Mid Atlantic surfing and culture.  Our aim is to bring you up to date on everything the area has to offer.  We hope to involve everyone in the surrounding areas and gladly accept viewer content.  We might not be able to improve the surf, but maybe we can improve surfing.

Most Excellent will be out at ECSC all week getting footage and interviews with some of your favorite surfers and locals.  Outside of the surf one of the biggest events of the contest is always the Miss Reef Search in VB.  Reef is currently looking for more contestants by the day so feel free to let us know if you’re interested and we’ll pass along your information.    Can’t wait to see everyone out there and keep checking back with us here to get all the updates from the center of the circus!

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